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Anonymous asked: Omg I agree with you 100% they are the same person! The photo on the left is old and was taken for a class when he was in school. The right is his recent mug shot he's also older and changed his appearance/hair color so he's gonna look a little different but they are for sure the same person. I was saying to myself "if I see one more person say they are not the same person or the police arrested the wrong guy i'm gonna pull my hair out and scream at the top of my lungs from frustration" lol

Hahaha exactly!!!! People are thinking waaay outside of the lines here, first I hear it was the illuminati, then that he’s a different person from a different country?! Seriously…hahaha. People are ridiculous! Obviously he’s aged since his school ID, the growth of his hair can tell you that much but if you look at both pictures close up, you can see that he’s the same person. MERP.

Hahah that little kid is allĀ 

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twenty3laces asked: finally a response from ebarin. how are you my friend

I’M GOOD!!!How are you?

twenty3laces asked: hello ebarin

:o MELBON!!!!!